2016 US Presidential Election Night Cocktails

It’s finally here – tomorrow is election day here in the USA and I’ve got a cocktail round up for you all of you ladies and gents. Not sure you’ll make it through the night watching the election returns? Here’s a few cocktails, gathered from around the web – to help you out. Show your support, drown your tears, or just get drunk on democracy in action with the following cocktails.

Pro Clinton Cocktails

  • The Hillary – Gin and juice, sweetened with honey and a little bit stiffer than your usual drink (recipe at Liquor.com)
  • Bad Hombre – Spicy cocktail features a fancy version with chili and chocolate bitters and an slightly less complicated out-of-the-cabinet version (recipes at Mother Jones)
  • Nasty Woman – basil, lemons and vodka keep you nasty (recipe at Mother Jones)

Pro Trump

  • The Donald – tall and sparkled with gold-leaf, this vodka & OJ is garnished with a wisp of cotton candy (recipe at Liquor.com)
  • The Berlin Wall – hey, it worked for the Germans – everyone should build a wall (recipe: esquire)
  • The 1% – created for the last election, but still somehow relevant – includes delicious Chambord (recipe: ebony)

Pro OMG-IT’S-ALL-TERRIBLE (Drink Everything)

  • A Rock and a Hard Place – Activated charcoal, bourbon, brandy and lots of bitters give this cocktail from Ariel Scalise at the Tender Bar + Kitchen, Lawrenceville, PA a “dark, dismal effect, which is what a lot of people are feeling this election cycle.” (recipe: Post Gazette)
  • ‘Mazel Tov cocktail’ aka: Tablet Magazine’s Official Election Night Refresher – For when you need to burn it. Burn it with fire (recipe: Tablet)
  • Original Mazel Tov – before it was a meme, it was a delicious lavender and champagne cocktail from DC’s DGS Delicatessen (recipe: Washingtonian)
  • Black Velvet – a classic political cocktail with dark beginnings in Britain (recipe: Taysted)

What’re you planning to drink tomorrow night?

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