5 Geeky Creations from the Exploratorium’s Science of Cocktails Event

The Exploratorium’s signature fundraiser Science of Cocktails was last week. It’s as cool of an event as it sounds – basically picture your high school science fair, except all of the experiments are drinkable and made of booze.

Here’s some highlights….

1. Gummy Bears soaked in booze grow to 2x bigger & 2x wider than their original size. They’re also delicious.


2. Infusing smoked ingredients into your cocktail looks awesome. I want to try this at home, without the wacky scientist wig.


3. You can use science to figure out the proof (alcohol level) of your homemade booze! Hydrometers are cool. science-cocktails


4. Brancamenta is almost as delicious as Fernet. Almost.


 5. Science is hard to learn when you’re highly intoxicated. But the Bay Bridge Lights art installation looks awesome, even in the rain. bay-bridge-sf-exporatorium








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