Brad was a hard core gamer. In 2007, the little fish video game company he founded was scooped up by Linden, where I worked for as director of community of the virtual universe. Long story short: Linden acquired a new engineer, and I acquired a new boyfriend, (albeit a long distance one). Many years and frequent flier miles later, we’re a happily married, cocktail-shaking duo with a penchant for top-down road trips in our Thunderbird, magical hummus, and just about anything with an especially fine bourbon.

Check out road-tested recipes, find cool events and drink news, and hear tales of imbibing wonderment. We’ll share San Francisco’s finest spots and most interesting mixes, with a just a splash of cocktail, wine and beer history.

Here’s how to find us:

Cocktail culture + tech nerdology = Geeks with Drinks. It’s a logical formula after a couple of drinks.

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