3 Best Home Bartending Sites for Craft Cocktail Fans

Dec 3rd
3 Best Home Bartending Sites for Craft Cocktail Fans

Howdy Geeks! Quick round up of our 3 favorite home bartending sites for craft cocktail fans. Not all of these sites are focused on home bartenders (some are more industry focused) but they’re all high quality and inspirational locations on the web for boozy trends, tips and cocktail recipes.

  • Liquor.com – The mother-lode of cocktail recipe sites. Includes the fun blogger area DrinkWire which sometimes features our posts!
  • ShakeStir – website and mobile app focused primarily on bartenders, in addition to bartender competitions, job postings and industry news, it also has a fab cocktail recipe section. Small caveat, you have to register to view most of the content, but don’t worry it’s free!
  • Imbibe Magazine – the online version of the very well done Imbibe Magazine. Loads of recipes, blog posts and other liquid culture news.

What’s your favorite cocktail related site? (other than Geeks with Drinks of course!)

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