Buy a Soldier a Beer on your iPhone

Being a geeky, beer-drinking American gal, I got very excited to see today’s article in the NYTimes about 50 Back Beer’s recent QR-fueled marketing campiagn that allows anyone with a smart phone to “buy a beer for an active soldier”.

50 Back beer, self proclaimed “Beer of the Brave”,  donates 50% of their proceeds to charities  supporting US Veterans and their families. Not only do I get to drink beer, but I get to feel good about myself too? SIGN ME UP!

In honor of the recently passed Veteran’s Day, I just bought a few beers to help thank those who give so very much of themselves so I can have a pretty sweet life. Join me by scanning the above QR code with your smart phone and following the directions about entering your cell phone number and the then verifying the 4 digit code they text you. Bottoms up to active soldiers everywhere, may they all come home soon (to at least one cold beer waiting for them).

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