DIY Raspberry Simple Syrup Recipe

April 17, 2015 jeska 1

It’s getting ever closer to summer and I’m starting to crave the¬†fruity cocktails that go along with warmer weather. There’s something about berries in particular that always reminds me of […]

Lavender Simple Syrup Recipe

September 27, 2014 jeska 1

One of my favorite things about living in San Francisco, is the Saturday Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building. On a recent visit, I picked up some dried lavender from […]

Jalapeno Simple Syrup Recipe

August 22, 2014 jeska 2

Give a little kick to margaritas, daiquiris and other fruity cocktails by mixing up some quick and easy Jalapeno Simple Syrup and substituting it for “normal” simple syrup. Ingredients 1 […]

Brandied Cherries Recipe

June 28, 2014 jeska 1

It’s cherry time here in Northern California and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at brandied cherries for some time. The below is a spicy version based up the […]

Kickstarting Cocktail Fun

March 16, 2013 jeska 4

I’m a huge fan of crowdfunding, especially when it comes to bringing diversity to a market that’s historically hard to break into or when it gives a small entrepreneur the […]

Keep Calm and Drink Vodka

January 11, 2013 jeska 0

Happy Friday everyone! Here in geekland, it’s time to break the vodka out of the freezer. We’ve got a bottle of Chopin Rye Vodka chilling there and it’s been that […]