Create Your Own Custom Valentine’s Day Cocktail

This year for Valentine’s Day, I’d like to encourage everyone to skip on the long lines at your favorite restaurant or bar for Valentine’s Day and try your hand at a creating a custom cocktail for you and your love. Whether you want to recreate your favorite bar treat at home, riff on a classic cocktail or create an all new elixir, creating

A few tips on creating your own cocktail:

  • Keep it Simple – creating something new? Stick to 1 or 2 primary ingredients, along with a few solid mixers or accents.
  • Garnish – Don’t forget to garnish, nothing spiffs up a cocktail like a stuffed olive or twist (for added style points, try a burnt orange or lemon twist)
  • Splurge on the Good Stuff –  Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to pick up a top shelf bottle.
  • Fresh Ingredients – Make your own fresh juice, simple syrup or other ingredients. Can’t make it yourself? Try to buy something made locally.
  • Chill Your Glass – It’s amazing how the small details can make your cocktail creation even better. A cold glass will keep a straight up cocktail cool longer.

Need help finding the perfect cocktail? Check our cocktail recipes section. Let me know how you do!

image c/o Rosa y Dani creative commons

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