Park Chalet Beer Sampler

Nothing better than summertime in San Francisco, sure it takes a little longer for summer to reach SF, but once it does I make sure to get out there and enjoy it. Brad and I high-tailed it to Park Chalet, which is the Golden Gate Park facing side of brewery and restaurant Beach Chalet, directly across the street from Ocean Beach.

We shared the beer sampler with dinner, which included eight different samples (!) of their tasty ales, here’s what we got:

  • V.F.W. LIGHT – very light ale, almost no hops
  • KAISERLICHE BERLINER WEISS – German- style wheat ale
  • HARVEST PALE ALE – tasty pale ale, our favorite beer of the day
  • CATCHER IN THE ROGGEN – Rye ale, tasted a bit like a Hefeweizen
  • BIERE DE GARDE – dark Belgian ale
  • PRESIDIO IPA – very hoppy and the booziest of the group (6.8 abv)
  • RIPTIDE RED – mild and very drinkable red ale
  • OATMEAL STOUT – creamy stout

We both preferred the Harvest Pale Ale and the Kaiserliche Berliner Weiss, although I think the Oatmeal Stout was my favorite. Blame it on the fact that the only beer I used to drink was Guinness.

What’s your favorite kind of beer?

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