Altered State Fair at SF Cocktail Week

They had me at Manhattan Snow Cone.

Although the Altered State Fair got off to sort of a rocky start (I think the fryers+popcorn machine +cotton candy machine were blowing the electrical circuit), we ended up having super fair-themed fun while we were there. I’d broken out my most fabulous fair attire – a long faux fur leopard print coat for the occasion after all (photo at the end of the post!).

First up, we hit the games and I surprised the crowd (and myself) by dusting off my long-abandoned Skee-Ball skills. The girl next to us who scored around 80 points just shook her head at my “200?!!” score – too bad they weren’t giving drinks tickets for Skee Ball!  Thankfully, Brad scored us an extra drink ticket on the Ring Toss game and then we had a bit of fun watching drunk hipster girls in 4 inch heels inside the petting zoo.

Oh and did I mention the fair themed cocktails? SO GOOD. Here’s a run down of the cocktail treats and what we thought about ’em:

  • Manhattan Snow Cone – I was the first person to get one of these from the little stand in the back. I made a bee-line right as they opened the ‘doors’. Perfection in a little paper cone. Pretty sure there’s a Snoopy Snow Cone machine in my future.
  • Salt-Water Taffy Old Fashioned – Good, although after a few sips the salty/sweetness of the banana salt water taffy syrup was a bit much for me
  • Smoked Watermelon Punch – Milagro Reposado Tequila and smoked watermelon juice with Cointreau, lime juice and green tea made for one tasty punch, served from watermelons of course.
  • Blood Orange Jerrius – Just like our favorite mall-time smoothie. Except with booze.
  • Vegetable Liquor cocktails – we only tried one of the vegetable liquor cocktails, the corn on the cob (which had gin and pepper). It was erm, interesting.

This was the last of our SF Cocktail Week 2012 events and my poor liver is still in recovery, can’t wait for next year!

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