Our favorite cocktail bloggers

August 18, 2013 jeska 2

This weekend I’ve browsed the lists of the 8 Great Cocktail Blogs You Should Read Now by Michael Dietsch of a Dash of Bitters fame over on Serious Drinks and […]

Top 3 Craft Cocktail Tips

April 5, 2013 jeska 1

Tip 1 – Use Fresh Ingredients No matter what you’re mixing up, start with the freshest ingredients you can get your hands on. This is especially true of citrus juice […]

File under: Poking fun at mixology

February 24, 2013 jeska 0

I don’t watch the show Parks and Recreation, I’m more of an action/sci-fi/cop drama gal (go Castle!), but when I was digging around for some on-screen cocktail moments in preparation […]