Pink Vesper Martini 007

September 16, 2012 jeska 5

Earlier this year, Lillet released a rosé version of their aperitif wine – their first new product in 50 years! I picked some up at the store by our house and […]

Purple Signature Party Cocktails

September 13, 2012 jeska 1

I admit it, I’m obsessed with all things purple. I’ve got several shades of purple in my hair, I adore the color in nail polish, food and pretty much everything […]

Strawberry Mint Julep Recipe

September 12, 2012 jeska 1

After making the oh-so-yummy tasting Strawberry Mint simple syrup this weekend, I figured it was time for a test run. Strawberry Mint Julep Recipe Ingredients 3 oz. Woodford Reserve Bourbon […]

Cocktail Time: Manhattan Recipe

September 8, 2012 jeska 5

Happy Friday everyone! It’s cocktail’o’clock here at work. The hubby and I are the last ones here and I’ve got Blister in the Sun pumping on the speakers in the […]