Cocktail Geekery: The Barman Scale + App

If you’ve been reading this blog, you already know I’m a huge fan of crowdsourcing and have funded several cocktail related Kickstarters over the last year. Today I found a project called “The Barman” by John Gallagher that is my favorite kind of geekery (it includes an App!).

From the Kickstarter:

Just place your glass on the Barman, pick the drink you want to make, select your drink size, and mix! The Barman will tell you what to pour, and when. It has an easy to read progress indicator that shows you how much of each component you have left to pour. In addition, your drink glass will turn from blue to red alerting you to stop pouring. In seconds, you will have your favorite cocktails mixed like a pro.

You had me at iPhone app that talks to a scale that tells me when my drink IS PERFECT. I helped to fund the project and hopefully sometime this fall, will be getting my very own Barman to experiment with. They claim it’ll help you make the perfect cocktail, we will see!

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