Dark & Stormy Cocktail Recipe

One of my most favorite things to drink is a simple Dark & Stormy. Perfect sipping cocktail for spring.


  • Lime wedge
  • 1 shot of dark rum (we like Gosling)
  • Ginger beer to taste (we like Fever-Tree)


  1. Pour the dark rum into a tall glass, over ice.
  2. Top off with ginger beer.
  3. Garnish with lime wedge.

Bonus alternate version
If you’re really fancy (like the Orbit Room here in San Francisco) you can do one additional step to make this drink really fancy. Skip the lime wedge and instead slice a piece of fresh ginger as a garnish. Then apply sugar and brûlée it with a little handheld culinary torch (we like this one from Crate & Barrel). Insta-fancy (plus is smells like heaven).


Remixed CreativeCommons image, originally from reeselloyd

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