Happy Halloween: Vampire Gimlet Recipe

Happy Halloween everyone! I just stumbled upon this great vintage Smirnoff Vodka ad with a Halloween ready cocktail recipe on Flickr, looks to be from the Dark & Shadowy 1970s. It’s the tagline that gets me “Hurry sundown…

The Vampire Gimlet
Perfect for those spooky evenings.

Makes two (spooky) drinks!

  • Six ounces 100 proof Smirnoff (!)
  • One ounce Lime Juice
  • 3/4 teaspoon sugar
  • Garnish: Black Olive

Shake or mix in blender with ice. Serve with a black olive, up or on the rocks.

What’s in your glass this Halloween?

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Jeska used to steal the whiskey soaked cherries from her grandparents drinks when she was younger... now she demands at least 3 cherries for all whiskey drinks. Coincidence? Learn more at jeska.org.

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