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I’m a huge fan of crowdfunding, especially when it comes to bringing diversity to a market that’s historically hard to break into or when it gives a small entrepreneur the chance to step their business up to the next level. Plus my inner geek adores the whole concept, I mean what’s geekier than tapping into the Internet’s back pocket to fund your awesome project?

Recently, I’ve given help to several amazing cocktail related crowdfunding projects, including two located here in San Francisco (for Sia Scotch and Pur Spirits – but more on those later!) but today, I wanted to share the story of a project I funded a few months ago – Five by Five Tonics!

Last fall, I stumbled upon a Kickstarter project to help aspiring herbalist Jesse Smith bring his craft bitters project to a larger audience. The bitters arrived a few weeks back and I had the chance to test this out last night. Wanting to really taste the aromatic bitters, I made a simple Manhattan (using my favorite recipe) and the 5×5 bitters.

The Manhattan really gave the handcrafted bitters a chance to shine – swirling flavors of salt, spice, sweet, sour and bitter. But don’t take my word for it, you can buy the bitters from the 5×5 website and try it out yourself. Also comes in Citrus flavor.

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