Ridge Bloggers Tasting – 90 Points Ain’t No Joke

We geeks were lucky enough to be invited to a special bloggers wine tasting event at Ridge Vineyards a few weeks back.  It was SO FUN!

Brad and I, along with our fellow bloggers, were treated to a ‘blind tasting’ to determine if we could match skills with top wine critics and sort the wines by their “assigned” wine points.

Now, I love wine and I love me some good wine (someday I’ll have to blog about the time I stalked the Duckhorn table at a wine tasting last year…”oh no, I haven’t tried this one yet, pour away!”) but this was a group of SERIOUS wine bloggers. No pressure!!

So it turned out that professional wine critic Antonio Galloni had recently tasted and rated all of the wines we were about to drink. Our task was to try to guess at what order he put the wines in… my guesses below (with the points Galloni gave the wines in parenthesis after)….

  1. Wine C aka Ridge Vineyards 2009 Monte Bello (98)
  2. Wine E aka Ridge Vineyards 2010 Geyserville (88)
  3. Wine A aka Ridge Vineyards 2009 Estate Merlot (90)
  4. Wine D aka Ridge Vineyards 2009 Perrone Cabernet Franc (92)
  5. Wine B aka Ridge Vineyards 2009 Klein Cabernet Sauvignon (94)

Sooooo… I did manage to choose the same wine Galloni did as the top choice. The 2009 Monte Bello was a seriously tasty bottle of wine. I mean, I could have drank the whole bottle of that wine. Seriously. But, aside from that I was completely “wrong” in my ranking compared to Galloni.

Now I’m no wine newb. I’ve drank my fair share of wines over the years, especially after moving to San Francisco and being only an hour or so drive from Napa and Sonoma valleys. But I’ve never been much of a wine-by-the-points kinda gal. I’m more of a drink-what-tastes-good-to-me kinda gal. Actually, that’s true about most things in my life. Hmm…

Big thanks to Christopher and the Ridge Vineyard for inviting us – hopefully we’ll see you again next time!

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