The TapIt Cap for Growlers

Continuing on our last post’s theme: more news from the geeky new beer dispensing gadget department.

If you’re a fan of growlers like I am, then I highly recommend you check out this Kickstarter project called the TapIt Cap. It’s an ingenious little tap which lets you conveniently hook up a small CO2 cartridge to any standard sized growler, keeping your beer from your favorite microbreweries that much fresher.

Seems like the TapIt Cap will be great for homebrewing too, so even though I’ve backed them already, I’m looking for an excuse to get a few more. They’ve already reached their funding goal, but they’ve still got a week to go on the campaign, and they’ve been adding more pledge packages as they’ve been getting bought up, so it doesn’t hurt to keep backing them.

In addition to having a fantastic idea, they’ve been really awesome about engaging with the reddit homebrewing community throughout the whole process of developing it. I’ll drink to that!

Check out the TapIt Cap project on their Kickstarter or find them online on their website

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