DIY Raspberry Simple Syrup Recipe

April 17, 2015 jeska 1

It’s getting ever closer to summer and I’m starting to crave the fruity cocktails that go along with warmer weather. There’s something about berries in particular that always reminds me of […]

Modified Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

March 12, 2015 jeska 0

I’ve been mildly obsessed with the mythos of Bénédictine liquor the last few weeks. First of all, anything that can trace its roots back 500 years is automatically interesting. Also, […]

My Favorite Whiskey Cocktail

March 10, 2015 jeska 0

Your origin story is important. There is single whiskey cocktail that inspired the creation of this blog. I’ll admit, the night was magical – it was on our honeymoon, on […]

Pisco Sour Recipe

January 22, 2015 jeska 0

Was talking to my coworkers about the wealth of amazing Peruvian food available here in San Francisco (seriously, go to La Mar for the ceviche, you won’t regret it) which […]

Ward Eight Cocktail Recipe

December 21, 2014 jeska 1

The Ward Eight is an old school cocktail, similar to a Whiskey Sour, created in Boston (and named in celebration of a local political hero in 1898). Fresh juice (orange […]