My Favorite Whiskey Cocktail

March 10, 2015 jeska 0

Your origin story is important. There is single whiskey cocktail that inspired the creation of this blog. I’ll admit, the night was magical – it was on our honeymoon, on […]

Pisco Sour Recipe

January 22, 2015 jeska 0

Was talking to my coworkers about the wealth of amazing Peruvian food available here in San Francisco (seriously, go to La Mar for the ceviche, you won’t regret it) which […]

Ward Eight Cocktail Recipe

December 21, 2014 jeska 1

The Ward Eight is an old school cocktail, similar to a Whiskey Sour, created in Boston (and named in celebration of a local political hero in 1898). Fresh juice (orange […]

Green Goddess Cocktail Recipe

September 21, 2014 jeska 0

Picked up the Bittermens Orchard Street Celery Shrub at the store and wanted to test them out, found this recipe on the fabulous Small Screen Network site and mixed it […]

Frozen Spicy Mango Margaritas

August 24, 2014 jeska 1

Hope everyone is ready for one last summer fling before fall! Recently the geeks took a trip out to the beach and mixed up the tastiest Mango Margaritas for the […]

Brandied Cherry Sidecar Recipe

July 2, 2014 jeska 0

After cooking up a batch of tasty Brandied Cherries last week, I had a bunch of leftover brandied cherry juice. After some tinkering, I created this tasty Sidecar variation. It’s […]